Lebanese Women Vs. Muslim Judges Who Call Rape A ‘Marital Right’

Every religious leader in Lebanon is quick to claim that his religion is one of peace.  So, it is very ironic that Muslim religious authorities, both Sunni and Shia, have vehemently objected to a law that would protect women from domestic violence.  If Islam is a religion of peace, then shouldn’t Muslim clerics in Lebanon want to foster peace in the home?

Arwa Damon of CNN looks into how Lebanese women are fighting against the opposition of chauvinistic religious groups, which claim that the Law to Protect Women from Family Violence will erode the power of religious courts.

It is time that Lebanese rise against the hypocrisy of the religious establishment, both Muslim and Christian.


Lebanese women take on Muslim judges who call rape a ‘marital right’

By Arwa Damon and Tim Hume, CNN
updated 9:35 PM EST, Sun February 17, 2013
CNN Lebanon Women's Rights Law

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1 Response to Lebanese Women Vs. Muslim Judges Who Call Rape A ‘Marital Right’

  1. roberta4949 says:

    maybe this would be a good time to get their legal defintion of peace is, it might be different then what we perceive peace to mean.

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