And, we continue to live in darkness…

While our dimwit, visionless, and completely corrupt politicians drag us further into the new dark ages, literally and figuratively, a country not too far from us basks in abundance of light!

Denmark is one of the smallest countries in Europe, yet it ranks 21st in the world in terms of GDP.  Why?  Well, for one, it is has some of the least corrupt politicians in the world. And, they have a vision for their country unlike our degenerate leaders.  And through this vision, they were able to make Denmark generate 140% of its electricity demand through wind power.  It’s been so successful that recently, Denmark met all of its electricity needs and had plenty to spare for much larger neighboring countries like Germany, Norway and Sweden.

So, my fellow Lebanese, continue to support your stupid, sectarian leaders and enjoy the darkness!

About Dr. Khraish

Pacifist, writer and media specialist
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