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Imagine A Train System Like This One

Maybe the gas proceeds should be used to pay off debt and build a public transportation system like this one in Germany. Read more about this amazing train…

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Solving Water Shortage

The World Bank Lebanon is a small country with a ridge of limestone mountains close to its coast. Most of its fresh water is stored in mountain snowcaps or in the ground, the rest of it washing through cracks and … Continue reading

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A Beirut River Park, Why Not?

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Artists in Mexico turn low-income neighborhood into one giant mur

Here’s an inspirational story from Mexico! Once considered an eyesore, the low-income neighborhood of Las Palmita’s is now a site to behold.  Hundreds of houses in Pachuca’s Las Palmitas neighborhood painted into swirling rainbow in effort organizers say has changed … Continue reading

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From Garbage to Garden

There’s always a solution for garbage. One just has to have an imagination and a vision, both of which all politicians in Lebanon lack!

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Fletcher’s Moving Farewell to Lebanon

Politicians in Lebanon can learn a lot from Ambassador Fletcher’s letter: So… Yalla, bye, dear Lebanon Dear Lebanon, Sorry to write again. But I’m leaving your extraordinary country after four years. Unlike your politicians, I can’t extend my own term. When … Continue reading

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And, we continue to live in darkness…

While our dimwit, visionless, and completely corrupt politicians drag us further into the new dark ages, literally and figuratively, a country not too far from us basks in abundance of light! Denmark is one of the smallest countries in Europe, yet it ranks 21st … Continue reading

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