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What the Municipality of Beirut Can learn from New York’s Times Square

If this could be done on the busiest intersection in one of the most populated cities in the world, then what excuse does the Municipality of Beirut have?  The fact is that the people administering the affairs of our capital … Continue reading

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Happiness in Short Supply in Lebanon

This post is dedicated to all the politicians and clergy of Lebanon.  Thanks to them Lebanon is one of the unhappiest countries in the world.  Read more at the Gallup link below: Happiness is in Short Supply in Lebanon  

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The LA River

The Army Corps of Engineers will announce today that it’s changed its mind and will recommend a $1-billion plan to make over the LA River—the most comprehensive and expensive plan studied— instead of a far less ambitious, far cheaper plan they backed last fall. … Continue reading

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Rescuing the Beirut River the Korean Way

A picturesque river once ran through a capital city, but as the city grew, the river was buried under tons of cement. Does that sound familiar? For Beirutis it should, but I’m not writing here about Beirut’s ancient river, but about … Continue reading

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“A Letter from Beirut” by John Keane

John Keane, Professor of Politics at University of Sydney on Lebanon, Syria and the failure of the democratic world… “Does democracy have anything to do with the worsening humanitarian catastrophe in Syria? In recent days, in editorials and columns around … Continue reading

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Who Are the Most Successful Immigrants in the World? Full Transcript

A conversation that Stephen Dubner had on an airplane inspired a show.  He was on his way to South Africa when fellow passengerNassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan and Antifragile, told him something remarkable: “If you look at ten or twenty or thirty … Continue reading

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Imagining Block

Finding it hard to imagine Lebanon these days…. Or, Syria for that matter!

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Lebanon’s Bipolarism

An article from The Wall Street Journal on Lebanon’s state of bipolarism: On Friday night, some two thousand people packed an open-air stadium in the Lebanese coastal city of Jounieh for a concert that included acts like the Korean pop star … Continue reading

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Gulf’s Crackdown on Hezbollah May Endanger Lebanon Cash Flow

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes so-called “brotherly countries” like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are expanding visa restrictions on Lebanese, especially the Shia.  So, while Hezbollah gets funds from Iran, the Lebanese will face another financial … Continue reading

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Ranking near the bottom of the global peace index

While Hassan Nassrallah tries to “liberated” Syria, his own country ranks near the bottom of the global peace index.  Then again, the word “peace” is not in his dictionary. “Lebanon ranked 142 out of 162 countries in a global peace ranking, … Continue reading

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